Welcome to The Inter Realms!

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Welcome to the home of Inter Realms SMP!

Inter Realms is a community based Minecraft server for both content creators and for those within the Inter Realms community. The mission of the server is to provide a family friendly safe place within the Minecraft world where we can all come to have fun and relax playing this block game we all know and love. You will find our community warm, embracing and supportive. There is a home within Inter Realms for all types and levels of Minecrafter! We have members from all over the world and from all backgrounds. Whether you specialise in building, the technical side, roleplay or just want a place to relax and chill out - this is the community for you!

Our Members


Blind Kubsy

DTG Family Gaming





Miner Thoughts


Tom Four Fun






NoTisMe SweenPai

Latest from The Inter Realms

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